Dealing with the Downsides

It’s not easy to hear “just do this” or “just do that” when you’re feeling like your whole world is falling apart – that might sound a little dramatic but when your dream life (making music) turns out to be unviable, and you have to get a day job to pay your bills, it sounds proportionate.

I spent a lot of years working through a lot of depression and bad psychological conditioning – and have come up with some conclusions that are very simple tips that may start the process of coming out of the ‘black dog’. 


  • Take each day at a time (so important to stay mindful of each moment and not look back or forward).
  • Do at least one thing (3 is better) that makes you genuinely happy each day. Listen to podcasts, inspirational seminars, tips. Contact me for more suggestions.
  • Change the way you talk to, or, about yourself. Never criticise yourself or others – it just doesn’t help.
  • Give up or cut down on your self medication. Whether it’s food, drugs or alcohol, these things mess with your brain chemistry and may dull some pain but will NEVER take it away

These suggestions can become the start……it’s always an uphill journey at first, but this little things start to level the road out. making it easier every day to feel better about things. It never works to look too far ahead…

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans” Woody Allen