The Story Behind Confessions of a Small Studio Owner

Hi – when you’re a songwriter, almost always on a tight budget, you have to become very resourceful. You have to write, play, sing, produce, mix, build the website, do the marketing (or not), post on social media…..and keep learning because there is always something new happening that can help you do your job better – and technology does get outdated. I wanted my blog, as it were, to not just be about me as an artist, but about everything I do. I have a small studio – I connect with other small studio owners and we study mixing, and so on. This blog site (which was really a podcast site but I had spent so much time making it pretty I didn’t want to scrap it), is about ALL the things that go int making records (shows my age….)  

Am I ever going to stop talking about myself......?

Hi – I’m a small studio owner, mainly to fuel and support my ambitions as a singer, songwriter, guitarist (which are giving way to my desire to do very good mixes). Here’s me in a lovely (not small) studio in upstate New York on a very expensive microphone (which didn’t make a lot of difference to my singing hahaha) putting down a vocal to Cold-Blooded Killer on my latest solo effort. Probably the last time I’m going to be spending lots of cash on a studio – I’m now a DIY guy!

For a long time my reaction to disappointments (and my psychological condition) kept me from the success I felt I reasonably deserved (I’d put in enough hours and money), so I figured there was some wiring that needed adjustment, and studied and became an NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, and a Hypnotherapist under the guidance of Stephen Brooks, the founder of the renowned British Hypnosis Research & Training Institute, and started my journey into understanding the human condition (and my own). Along the way I found God, Buddha and a thousand other deities – mainly that we’re not on the journey alone.
What is it that keeps some from success and others falling into it without seeming to try? Is it what’s between our hands – or between our ears? 
So, this blog might wander into the chapel perilous – the space between our ears – and find out what it is, or isn’t, that is the invisible barrier to accomplishment (success is so overrated).

What People Say

“I would let him walk my dog”
John Hill
Dog lover
“Gives very good phone”
James Dean
Mental health patient
“He has kind eyes."
Hillary Rice
“He told me, 'If I do what I've always done, I'll get what I always got.' Well, I'm Spanish and that made no sense to me at all.”
Rodrigo Alonso
Dyslexic Foreign National
“Plays guitar like his mum is calling him for dinner.....”
Julia Michelle
“John said, it's not the years, it's the hours. How long do I actually have to wait for him to return my contact submission?”
Mila Jackson
Plugin sales