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This is my blog – if you want to call it that. Here’s where I’ll talk about songs – producing, mixing, playing, writing and dreaming….
I hope to talk to others in the business to get their views on stuff and will report. I also include some mixes I’ve done of other artists (practice makes perfect and all that…). See you around…

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The Story Behind Confessions of a Small Studio Owner

Well, seeing as I’m a music fan, and I read about the artists I like, how they recorded their stuff, what gear they used – I look at the artwork, and I listen to interviews – basically I want to get inside their heads, and thought maybe you like doing the same. Now, inside my head might not be a great place to hang out but at least you have a choice…..so here is where my head hangs out!

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New Product Coming Soon

Do they all say that?

Well, it was only a matter of time until I got settled in my new temporary home and studio - and following the coldest and longest winter in a generation (its good luck apparently) I've been hard at it (Greek style - a few hours' siesta, cook, eat, walk the dog.....) and mixing will start soon. The room I chose for the studio has a nasty bass honk in it at around 440hz (I'm no musical whiz, I just get a huge build up of sound every time I hit an A string on the bass), so it's not ideal to mix in, but cozy. The new songs are coming out really well and the old ones are getting completed little by little so there should have something out soon. Check out all my links for more info and please share me around if you like what's going on.....Here's a little demo of a new song that I kind of like.......just fiddling on the guitar one night and......Ciao for now.

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Chase K

My mix of his great song and performance until we have more guests for you!

London Lawhorn

Another of my mixes featuring this great singer.

The Gallery

A great band - another of my mixes.

What People Say - TIP, they're all made up!

"Confessions of a Small Studio Owner is my go to listen every week. Love it!"
John Hill
Redback Studios
“I'm so tired of people telling me I look like Jeffrey Epstein.”
James Dean
“I didn't hear anyone confess.”
Hillary Rice
Mixing Engineer
“I was hoping for something little bit saucier. Don't any women have small studios?”
Rodrigo Alonso
“At least they're doing what they love.....”
Julia Michelle
Make Up Gain
“If I get one more suggestive remark from a lead guitarist I'm going to hit someone”
Mila Jackson

Me, me, me

Small studio owner, guitarist, songwriter and now blogger (well, sort of). 

After over 45 years in the music business, and 55 years as a fan, it came a time to share some of the loves, learnings (and stories) from myself – and hopefully others…